Coffins & Caskets

We offer coffins and caskets to suit all budgets, beliefs and personal requirements. We have an extensive range made from traditional materials such as solid and veneered wood to eco-friendly wicker coffins, with personalisation an option too.

Wooden Coffins

Traditional coffins that offer an elegant finish. These classic coffins are a popular choice with those looking for the conventional service.

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Weaved Coffins

These tasteful coffins offer an alternative to the traditional wooden coffins. Ideal for those who are environmentally conscious yet do not want to compromise on style.

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Traditional British and American Caskets

The premier option for those who want to ensure their loved one is buried in opulence.

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Eco Coffins

Ideal for those who are ultra-conscious of the environmental impact of a burial. We can arrange services that use materials and services that do not negatively harm the surrounding nature of the burial site.

Colourful Coffins

A range adaptable to your bespoke requirements, whether it be in terms of the design of the coffin or just the colour. We have experience helping those looking for advice on the best options available to them.

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Cremated Remains Caskets and Urns

We can supply both caskets and urns and help you make the right choice when it comes to which type of service you feel is best.

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