Environmental Funerals

We at Pidgeons, The Cardiff Family Funeral Directors established 1920, are conscious of the concern many of the bereaved have in respect of the environment and take appropriate measures to reduce both pollution and the needless waste of natural materials.



We are able to offer the environmentally conscious the following assurances and options.

  1. All the woods used in the manufacturing of our coffins and British caskets are supplied by specialist importers and stockists of environmentally acceptable woods, obtained from well managed forests of the world.
  2. A cardboard coffin is available upon request and is the same cost as the basic elm type coffin – however, due to the pollution caused in the production of cardboard, we do not feel this is as environmentally friendly as our veneered coffin range.
  3. A wicker coffin is available upon request for the same cost as the solid oak coffin. Due to the fact that wicker coffins are handmade to order a minimum of seven days should be allowed before the funeral can be held – we will advise you as to the exact time scale.
  4. A bamboo coffin is available at the same cost as the veneered elm.

Woodland Burial

This can be arranged at Thornhill Cemetery, Cardiff. The burial will take place in a single depth grave and a marker post may be purchased. The grave may be planted with wild flowers. If you wish to join your relative in the future an adjacent grave must be purchased at this time. A deed of ownership is sent to the purchaser within eight weeks of the funeral. Traditional memorials (headstones) are not permitted on the woodland burial section.

Green Funerals

To further protect the environment from the pollution caused by motor vehicles it is possible to have a funeral conducted without the use of such vehicles. We can provide a horse drawn hearse and carriages to convey you on the day of the funeral, thus ensuring a unique and fitting service for the environmentally concerned.

Costs as detailed on our price list. Please note that the maximum distance the horse drawn vehicles can travel during the funeral is 7 miles. A horse drawn hearse will take approximately 1 hour to travel from our premises to Thornhill Cemetery.

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