Funeral Charges


As members of the National Association of Funeral Directors we are required to provide you with an itemised breakdown of our charges in order to comply with our Code of Practice as previously drawn up in conjunction with the Office of Fair Trading should you instruct us. You will receive an Estimate of Cost based on our fully inclusive services.

The disbursement charges are in addition to our charges as listed here.


This charge is equivalent in its nature to that which is levied by other professionals such as barristers, solicitors, accountants etc., although the sum we charge is far less per hour than these other professionals.

The amount includes making all the necessary arrangements with a professionally qualified funeral director for cremation or burial, preparing and attending to all essential documentation, making and receiving all necessary telephone calls, arranging for all the essential elements for the funeral to be carried out on a specific day within a specified time period, receiving floral tributes, placement of obituary notices, payment of all disbursements on behalf of clients (please note that the actual cost of the disbursements which will be charged to you in accordance with the disbursements required are not included in the Service Charge/Professional Fees figure), provision of all necessary staff to provide a dignified service, provision of a 24 hour telephone line, 364 day personal service for the assistance and support of clients during and after their period of bereavement.

The prices assume the funeral is arranged and conducted in Cardiff or Vale of Glamorgan area. For services outside this area there is an additional mileage charge of £1.50 per mile and a £50 per funeral operative charge for each 2 hour or part thereof.(A) Please note that the above fee will be reduced by £300 to £2030 provided payment is received within 84 days of the funeral service.

Provision of Jaguar hearse to convey deceased during funeral service:
Horse drawn hearse (maximum of 7 miles total distance):
Provision of Jaguar limousine to convey mourners (6 seats) during funeral:
£200 (per limousine)
Horse drawn carriage (maximum of 7 miles total distance):
£1250 (per horse drawn carriage)
Use of our air conditioned Service Chapel:
Provision of organist in Chapel of Rest:
Collection of deceased from an address within old South Glamorgan area:
Full embalming if required for repatriation, or if requested by family:


Please note that our coffins are supplied with all necessary fittings and furnishings to enable a dignified funeral to occur. Choice of alternative fittings and furnishings may be available but will add cost to the charges shown.

Basic ‘Elm’ type coffin:
Colourful Cardboard Coffins:
from £860
Veneered Oak Coffin, gloss finished light oak veneer:
Veneered Oak Coffin with Panelled Sides and Raised Panel Cover:
Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Coffin:
from £1220
Solid Oak Coffin with Panelled Sides and Raised Panel Cover:
Environmentally Friendly Handmade Wicker Work Willow Coffin:
Italian Style Coffin, solid oak with high gloss finish and enlarged panel sides depicting Christ’s Head:
Traditional British Solid Oak Casket:
Last Supper Solid Hardwood American Style Casket:


Disbursements are the fees that we pay on your behalf. They are so varied that it is impossible to print an accurate list that will be meaningful. Consequently, the disbursements are estimated to you at the time of funeral arrangements being discussed and are fully itemised on the price list provided to you at that time. DISBURSEMENTS MUST BE PAID IN FULL WITHIN 72 HOURS OF INSTRUCTIONS BEING GIVEN.

Please note that all charges listed relate to a funeral arranged and conducted by ourselves within a 12-mile radius of our premises.
Funeral prices valid to 31-03-20. Disbursements valid to 01-3-20

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