Inform your selected funeral director as soon as possible after the death as occurred to enable provisional arrangements to be put in hand. The funeral director will arrange the following documents to be collated where required by the destination country, and to comply with UK and airline regulations.

  • Out of England Order from Coroner’s Office.
  • Chief Medical Officer Certificate confirming non-infectious disease in area.
  • Consular/Embassy authorisation for repatriation to destination country.
  • Embalming Certificate (Full embalming of the deceased is necessary on all occasions).
  • Customs declaration.
  • Airline Regulation Compliance.


  • Give the funeral director a certified registrar’s Death Certificate as soon as possible.
  • Contact and arrange in advance for responsible person or funeral company to collect your relative from the destination airport on arrival.
  • Inform us who is to be the person collecting at the destination airport as the airline requires this information prior to repatriation occurring.

Estimates of charges to arrange the repatriation by air (excluding Airline Charges) to a country outside of the UK, Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland, arranged in respect of a death occurring within the Cardiff area by Pidgeons of Cardiff.

Professional fees
Plain coffin
(from) £760 – however solid coffin often required @ £1530
Zinc coffin liner
Collection of the deceased from an address within the Glamorgan area
Embalming of deceased
Hessian wrapping of coffin
Use of vehicle to convey coffin
Plus mileage charge to Birmingham
£360 (£1.50 per mile)
Plus mileage charge to Heathrow
£420 (£1.50 per mile)
Plus mileage charge to Manchester
£725 (£1.50 per mile)
Coffin Types:
Plain Coffin
Solid Wood Coffin
Total of our charges for our services (Birmingham)
Total of our charges for our services (Heathrow)
Total of our charges for our services (Manchester)

All the above PLUS Airline charge based on route and weight.

  • Repatriation to Pakistan using P.I.A. via Heathrow will be charged at £3300 plus Airline Costs. No further reduction will be made.
  • Repatriation to Southern Ireland by road to Fishguard including the cost of the ferry crossing (unaccompanied) to Rosslare would be charged from £3300. The coffin would travel in a secure unit on the ferry to be collected by the family representative in Ireland. Swansea to Cork will be charged from £4300 including ferry charge, again the family representative must meet the ferry in Cork and all charges from thereon are excluded.


Any costs incurred for Consular/Embassy services, translation of certificates and/or Airline Security AND the actual charge made by the airline concerned for the repatriation flight (these charges may vary according to the destination and are levied at a per Kilo rate).


None of the above prices include any element of payment for or provision of the funeral arrangements in the destination country. Such costs and arrangements are the sole responsibility of the person applying for repatriation to be conducted.

None of the above costs include the provision of any funeral being conducted in Cardiff (or elsewhere) prior to repatriation. On average local charges in Cardiff add £800 to the above costs, an exact estimate will be provided at the time of arrangements.

Please ensure that you bring us a Certified Extract of Registration of Death from the registrar as soon as possible. Repatriation takes on average five days to arrange but can occur within 36 hours under certain circumstances or well over five days on other occasions. Once the coffin as been sealed in Cardiff viewing is not possible until the deceased is in the care of your chosen foreign funeral specialist, from whom you should obtain information on their procedures in respect of viewing the deceased.

We accept no responsibility for any failure on the part of the overseas funeral specialist to comply with your requests.

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