Making arrangements

Funeral Service Arrangements

These arrangements are discussed with you by our expert professionally qualified staff, either at our premises, or if you prefer in the privacy of your own home, and tailored to meet your exact requirements.

The date and time of the funeral are arranged by us in negotiation with the family and Minister – and availability of the crematorium or cemetery selected.

Our Funeral Home

Our funeral home is at 539 Cowbridge Road East, Victoria Park, Cardiff. Viewing of the deceased can take place in our Chapel of Rest between 5 and 8pm Monday to Friday or on a weekend, between 9.30am and 8pm. It is necessary to advise us when you wish to see the deceased.

Newspaper notices

We can place the main announcement giving the funeral details in the South Wales Echo, The Western Mail, The Times, Daily Telegraph or any other local and national newspaper. The cost of the announcement will be added to your account. Additional personal messages are normally placed directly by you with the newspaper.


Limousines carry six passengers. If there is a special route you wish the cortege to take, please inform us as soon as possible. Alternatively horse drawn hearse and carriages are available upon request at additional cost to our package charges as described in our price list.


Most families make their own arrangements for flowers. It is customary that florists deliver to our premises about two or three hours before the funeral. A list of tributes received is presented to the family, but cards are not removed unless specifically requested. If there are cut flowers, we will deliver them with a letter on your behalf to any hospital or nursing home, but there is a slight charge for this service depending on the distance involved.

If the funeral is at our Funeral Home we display the flowers in the Chapel throughout the service.

At the Crematorium all flowers are displayed outside the Chapel. Should you wish for flowers to be taken by us from the crematorium to a local cemetery to be placed on a family grave please advise us prior to leaving the crematorium. A charge of £35 is made for this service. Debbie Taylor of The Olive Grove (Tel: 029 21 320190) can assist you with the selection and purchase of an appropriate floral tribute.

Monumental masonry

When an internment takes place in an existing grave, you may ask us to give instructions for any memorial work to be removed and taken to the monumental mason’s premises. It is not replaced automatically – specific instructions have to be given. If you have a preference as to which monumental company you wish used, please inform us at the time of arrangements.

The cost of all monumental masonry is specifically excluded from our estimate of cost and will be invoiced direct to the family by the mason concerned. Alan Ash of A.M. Ash (Tel: 029 20 221780) or Simon or David Morgan of Mossfords (Tel: 029 20 594605) can give expert advice and guidance.

Attendance cards

These are handed to mourners on their arrival at the funeral home or church, collected afterwards and then given to the family after the funeral. These are intended to give a record of those attending the funeral service.

Wooden crosses

These are supplied engraved and varnished, to be used as temporary markers on graves at all the Cardiff cemeteries, and will remain on the grave until either a year has elapsed or a memorial is placed on the grave, whichever occurs sooner.

The Book of Remembrance

This Book at Thornhill Crematorium is open for viewing from 9am on weekdays and from 10am on Saturday and Sunday. Closing time is dependant on the time of year and can be ascertained by telephoning the crematorium on 029 20 623294. Application forms are sent direct to the family from Thornhill Crematorium.


We have considerable experience worldwide in the repatriation of human remains to and from South Wales. Our membership of the National Association of Funeral directors and staff’s membership of the British Institute of Embalmers give us worldwide contacts with reputable firms. Please see Repatriation.

Personal effects

These are collected from the hospital by the family.


If the deceased has any rings or other articles of jewellery on his/her person at the time of death, we need instructions at the time of making the funeral arrangements, whether they should be buried/cremated with the deceased, or returned to the family. If we receive no instruction the items will remain on the person for burial or cremation.

Letters of Administration & Probate

This documentation will have to be taken out in all cases where the deceased has an estate, no matter how small. Where any substantial assets exist or complications occur, we strongly recommend that you contact your solicitor, accountant, or bank trust company.

In the case of a very simple or small estate, the next-of-kin can take the necessary action themselves by visiting the Probate Office of Wales, 3rd Floor, Cardiff Magistrates Court, Fitzalan Place, Cardiff CF24 0RZ Tel: (029) 2047 4373 or 0845 3020 900. If you intend to administrate the estate yourself, please ensure you take all relevant documents, including proof of identity, marriage certificate, death certificate, savings books etc. with you.

Funeral Charges

Please note, no information concerning the funeral account will be given over the telephone unless you are able to provide the reference code that appears on the account sent to you. All fees and expenses paid by us are included in a single account which will be sent to you 7-14 days after the funeral has been conducted. Should any delay be envisaged in settling the account, please let us know so that mutually acceptable arrangements regarding eventual payment can be made. A credit surcharge is applied to overdue accounts.

An itemised estimate will be given to you when arrangements are completed. Additionally, written confirmation of funeral arrangements will be posted to you the day after discussion with your funeral director, or when arrangements have been finalised. Please note neither the estimate or confirmation will include details of the cost of obituary notices which are in addition to the quoted charges. Any monumental masonry work will be invoiced to you by the mason concerned and does not form part of our estimate. As many of our funeral operatives and all our funeral arrangers are professionally qualified, Pidgeons are sure of providing the service families require.

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