People to inform

There are various people, companies and other interested parties who need to be informed of the death. If the deceased lived alone, then someone ought to be informed as soon as possible.

  • Local social services if meals on wheels, home help or day centre transport were used.
  • Any hospital the person was attending.
  • The family doctor.
  • The local Inland Revenue office.
  • The local Social Security office to cancel pension, allowances, benefits etc.
  • Any employer or trade union.
  • A child’s or young person’s teacher if a parent, brother, sister, grandparent or close friend has died.
  • Car insurance company – people driving a car insured in the deceased’s name are not legally insured.
  • Local offices of British Gas, Electricity, British Telecom, Royal Mail deliveries, local newsagent.

If the deceased was receiving housing benefit/council tax benefit, and if the closest relative receives any of these benefits it is possible that a small payment may be claimed from the DSS to help towards the funeral expenses.

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